Pink ribbon earrings

2 May

Hello everyone,

My first post goes perfectly with the colorful fashion trend this spring and summer.
a pear of pink bow earrings
Step by step you find out how I made these colorful earrings.

What we’ll need

what do we need

We will need:

  • Two fishhook earrings
  • Wire (about 10 cm)
  • Eight small white pearls
  • Seven shiny white beads (smaller then the white pearls)
  • Pink ribbon (about 10 cm)
  • Pink sewing thread
  • Four crimp beads
  • Super glue

How it’s made

First we take a piece of wire (about 10 cm) and put a white pearl and a shiny bead on it.

wire whit pearl and bead

We put white pearls and shiny beads alternately on the wire until we used all the pearls and beads.
wire with pearls and beads

After this we take two crimp beads. We slide one crimp bead against the pearl on each side of the wire and pinch it. Now the pearls and beads can’t move anymore.

crimp beads

Next we need another crimp bead to hold the two ends of the wire together. Make sure that the pearls are on the same line. Slide the crimp bead over the two pieces of wire and pinch it about one cm from the pearls. Reason for that is that we have enough space to attach the little bow.

Now we can start with the hard part, folds the little bow. It’s a little bit trial and error but in the end it’s not so hard as it looks like. To ensure the bow from loosening we have to sew the bow with pink sewing thread.

pink bow

We’re almost there. Now we will glue the bow on the wire. Put the most beautiful side of the bow on the table, then put the wire on it (were the third crimp beads is) and take the super glue. Put one or two drops of super glue on the wire and the bow. To make sure it is fixed in place take a little piece of the same fabric and put it on the bow. Hold firmly for about ten seconds.

glue the bow

The two last steps are easy. To attach the fishhook earring, put the fourth crimp bead over the two pieces of wire and pinch it 5 mm from the bow. Cut the two pieces of wire and attach the fishhook earring.

fourth crimp bead

attach the fishhook earring

Repeat the steps above for the second earring and we have a pair of pink bow earrings.

a pear of pink bow earrings

Let the summer begin!


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