Delft’s blue necklace

16 Jun

Hello everyone,

Today we’ll make a beautiful Delft’s blue necklace.
The end result will look like this:

end result 

What we’ll need

what will need

We will need:

  • 6 delft blue beads
  • 24 round blue beads
  • 9 white beads
  • Wire
  • Clasp + extension piece
  • 3 crimp beads
  • Skullcap
  • Glue

How it’s made

First of all we take our design board and create our necklace as it should look like. As you can see in this picture. When you’re unsure about the length, take a necklace you already have and compare it with the length of your new necklace.

create your necklace

When you’re satisfied about the design and the length of the necklace we can proceed.
Take a piece of wire and slide all the beads on the wire in the same order you put them down on the design board.

put the beads on the wire

When you’re done, slide the skullcap on one side of the wire and make a double knot close to the last bead and the skullcap.

make a double knot

After this put a drop of glue on the knot and wait until the glue is dry.

glue the knot

When the glue is dry slide the skullcap over the wire and pinch it.

pinch the skullcap

Now we can attach the clasp, as you can see in this picture.

attach the clasp

attach the clasp second step

On the other side of the necklace we slide 3 crimp beads on the wire. Take the end of the wire and slide it through the 3 crimp beads and the last 2 beads. When we have a small loop, pinch the 3 crimp beads.

3 crimp beads

Now we cut the piece of wire and attach a small ring to the loop.

cut the wire

attach a small ring on the loop

The final step! Attach the extension piece to the ring and close it. Make sure that the ring is closed, otherwise you will loose your newly made necklace.

And this is the result.

end result

See you next time!


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