Golden flower

21 Aug

Hello everyone,

Today we’ll make golden earrings. Fits perfect with a black party dress.
The end result will look like this:

end reuslt 

What we’ll need

what we'll need

We will need:

  • 2 golden fishhook earrings
  • 2 golden metal flowers
  • 1 chain of black beads (left over necklace)

How it’s made

First of all we take the chain of black beads and open one of the loops. Now we have one black bead. If you don’t have a necklace left over just take an eye pin and slide one black bead on it and make a loop (you have the same result).

one black bead

Take the golden flower and attach the bead on it. Make sure you have a closed loop.

attach step 1

attach step 2

The final step is to attach the fishhook earring on the black pearl. Just open the loop again, attach and close it.

attach the fishhook earring

Repeat the steps above to make the second earring and we have golden flower earrings.

end result

See you next time!


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