Vintage earrings

6 Oct

Hello everyone,

I just love old, antique jewelry. That’s why I will show you how to make some vintage earrings by yourself. The end result will look like this:


What we’ll need

what we ll need

We will need:

  • two fishhook earrings
  • one eye pin
  • two small beads (similar color of the cameo resin)
  • two cameo resins (you can choose a color you like)
  • two ornate pendant settings (the same size of the cameo resin)
  • jewelry glue

How it’s made

First of all we take the eye pin and slide the bead on it.

step 1

Now we cut the eye pin about one cm above the bead and make a closed loop.

step 2

When you make the loop make sure you turn it in the opposite direction of the other loop (as you can see in the picture). Otherwise the backside of the pendant will be visible.

turn the loop in the oppisite direction

Now we make the pendant. It’s very easy. Take the cameo resin and the ornate pendant setting. Put some jewelry glue on the pendant setting and put the cameo resin in it. Press firmly and let it dry.

Next we take the pendant and attach the bead on it.

attach the pendant

Now we only need to attach the fishhook earring and we have one earring.

one earring

Repeat the steps above to make the second earring and we have our own vintage earrings.

end reuslt

See you next time!


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